Interview with Inari from Lapsiperheenmatkat

Introducing Inari Fernandez from Lapsiperheenmatkat in Helsinki

Inari Fernandez

If you meet Inari, you meet a beautiful lady full of energy and happiness. Life with Inari is never boring, there is always something happening and it can be of any field. Inari and I met back in Augsburg during university and I had the most fun party experiences with her. When she left the city and returned to Helsinki we stayed in touch. I visited her a couple of times in her home town and had the most memorable experiences with her. Not only did she make me and my husband feel welcome to her home, but she showed us the most magical place in Lake Unoka during Mid-Summer. Whatever Inari does, she does it with passion. She is one of the most inspiring friends I have and I am grateful that she participates in our interview series as a dear friend and a loving mother.

Inari and her sister also run a travel blog where they provide tips about travelling with kids. If you are interested, you can visist her blog here or see her Instagram profile. Unfortunately, at this stage the site is targeted at a Finish audience, but if you speak the language, it certainly might be a good source.
Inari, 34 years old, Spanish-Finnish; kids 1 and 5 years old; living in Helsinki Finland – in a block house with a really big garden.

When I was I child …

  1. I lived … in a city named Helsinki
  2. I played … with my neighbours and family friends
  3. I enjoyed … playing ith my dollies and barbies for hours
  4. I rode my bike … almost every day
  5. and it rained, I used to … play in the rain, especially at summer times when the rain was smooth and warm

My children …

  1. live … in a big city but in a neighbourhood with a lot of nature
  2. play … mostly in our yard
  3. enjoy … the trampoline, biking, playing with their toys and friends
  4. ride their bike … every day but not in winter time – we ride to child care and back
  5. (on a rainy day) … play inside or with good clothes outside as well, they love to jump in every puddle when they wear gum boots
  1. The foundations for a healthy life-style are set …. fresh air, good healthy food, enough sleep, safe environment to grow up and enough social life
  2. Children live a healthy life-style if … they do the things I mentioned before
  3. Children’s exercise … under 3 years no special exercise, the normal life with its challenges is enough – over 3 years old one or two hobbies (in our case: dancing, swimming/horse riding) in a week and we do biking and jump on the trampoline every day
  4. A healthy diet for children … NO DIETS :-)
  5. Lollies, chocolates, ice creams etc. for children … sometimes, but not every day
  6. A healthy snack on the go … carrot, or dark bread with a piece of cheese – also some yogurt
  7. Outdoor play … trampoline, jumping, biking, scooting
  8. Indoor play … Barbies, and a lot of role games: home, kitchen, princesses etc.
  9. A child is physically able …: it depends completely on the child – Our first one could do somersaults and climbing, horse riding without help etc at the age of 1-2 years, the second one doesn’t have that interest at all – she likes balls and running :-) I think personally that kids don’t restrict our life at all – we try to do the things we like, and liked also before the kids, with them and with their terms of course. Until now it never came to a situation that wouldn’t have worked
  10. Children riding a bike … our 1st daughter learned to ride a bike without training wheels at the age of 3 – we gave her a balance bike when she was 2 and she learned to keep the balance with that, so she never needed stabilisers
  11. S’COOL bikes … look really cool and I would like to try them for my kids

Finally, could you please give a short statement about the cycling culture in your area / family?
We love cycling in our family: We, both parents, cycle to work and back and if we do something during the weekend around the City of Helsinki, we like to take the bikes and put the kids into the bike trailer.
In Helsinki the bike routes aren’t too good, so we have to drive many times between the cars, which is not nice. In Finland it’s obligatory to use a helmet, and it’s a really good thing I think. I hope there will be more investments for the biking culture so people would really cycle to work and back. In some of the working places, cyclists get a little bonus from the company every year.
Our kids like biking too, and the 5 years old can cycle around 2-3 kilometres without a problem. The younger one got her first kick bike one month ago but hasn’t worked it out yet :-)

Cyclist Interview – Guy Streeter, a passionate mountain biker

Introducing Guy Streeter – Mountain bike enthusiast

Guy Streeter

Guy and I met the first time at the Sydney Rides Festival in Pirrama Park, Pyrmont in October 2014. At that time we hosted the first balance bike track at the Sydney Rides festival and Guy and his wife, Sherryn, kindly helped us with the event. During the event we had also time to get to know each other. Guy spent a season in Whistler mountain biking and he has been embracing the mtb life ever since. I am sure his passion for mountain biking will eventually also infect his little boys, who are lucky to have such an involved and active Dad with cycling. Guy documents his cycling life on Instagram, if you are interested in seeing his adventures on two wheels.

  1. I cycle because … it’s the best fun you can have without a motor.
  2. I use my bike most … on the mountain bike track. It makes me feel like I’m a kid again. Jumping gutters and being gnarly.
  3. My first memorable moment on a bike … is my first bike without training wheels. It was this bike my dad picked up from the side of the road and gave it a fresh paint job… Problem was it was a 20year old bike… Terrible bike. But the memory was Being pushed down a slight hill and getting the death wobbles. My dad thought he knew the best way to teach me to ride without training wheels.
  4. As a child, I rode my bike … Daily – neighbourhood races around witches’ hats. Dominated the Korana close nationals 4 years running.
  5. Mountain bike or road bike … Road bikes aren’t that fun.
  6. Fat bikes … look like a heaps of fun.
  7. Balance bikes …: I wish balance bikes were popular when I was a kid.
  8. My favourite ride … Seven Summits – Rossland BC.
  9. Registering a bike … won’t change a thing.
  10. My favourite S’COOL bike … is the mini Fat bike.

Photo © Guy Streeter