Press Release: New Scool wins Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2016




26 April 2016


New Scool wins 2016 Australian Small Business Award

New Scool won the 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards in the Sports & Recreation category on Saturday 23rd April at the Westin Sydney.

New Scool is the exclusive Australian distributor of the high quality German pure-play kids bike brand S’COOL. The junior bike range includes balance bikes, fat bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes and city bikes.

Andrea Jacob (Owner and General Manager) said “It is very pleasing for us as a small business to be recognised on a national level for our junior bike products amongst a broad sports and recreation category. It’s even better to have kids cycling recognised as a sport in its own right and as a business.”

“Core to our strategy, is to promote active kids lifestyles to ensure the growing generation lead healthy and environmentally friendly lives in a competitive, fun and playful way.” She added.

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New Scool

T: +61 481 039 796


MTBiking Australia Fat Bike Review

Fatbikes for kids? At first I laughed but then the idea started to sink in. The idea of a proper
fatbike for younger riders makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I’ve got two girls aged six and nine. They have regular BMX/MTB style bikes and we often
take them riding on the local cycle path. I’d love to take them out in the bush but our local trails
are simply too tough—they are either too steep or too technical. It’d be great to have some
green rated trails as an introduction to off-road riding but there’s nothing around and even
the one or two flatter fire trails are littered with soft sand traps.

Enter the fatbike; we mightn’t have kid-friendly off-road riding but like many parts of
Australia we do have many kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches. Our beaches are long, flat
and entirely car-free—the perfect place for a family pedal, plus a swim at the end if it’s a warm

With these thoughts in mind, we recently checked out S’Cool bikes as they have two kids’
fatbikes in their line-up. The XXfat is offered with either 20 or 24-inch wheels. Both use
4.0 inch wide Vee Tire rubber mounted to 80mm wide rims. That’s as wide as you’ll find on
an adult sized fatbike; it should provide some serious flotation with a lighter rider aboard.
Aside from beach riding, the big rubber and single digit tyre pressures gives a massive increase
in traction which makes regular MTB trails a little easier for kids to manage.

True 4.0 fat bike tyres on 80mm wide alloy rims - some serious flotation right here!

True 4.0 fat bike tyres on 80mm wide alloy rims – some serious flotation right here!

The frame is alloy and features an extremely low top tube to make hopping on and off as easy
as possible. The 20-inch is recommended for riders over 125cm while the XXfat 24 should be
safely rideable for those over 135cm.

Weight is often an issue with fatbikes but the alloy frame and rims has kept the bottom line
reasonable; the XXfat 20 weighs 13.3kg while the 24-inch is 15.1kg (both measured on our
scales with pedals fitted).

Both S'Cool models have alloy frames with internal cable routing and super low top tubes.

Both S’Cool models have alloy frames with internal cable routing and super low top tubes.

The gear spec seems okay for a kids bike too. Both run cable disc brakes, proper A-headset
style MTB stems and Shimano trigger shifters. Gearing wise the XXfat 24 has an Altus level
2X9 drivetrain while the XXfat 20 keeps it simple with Shimano Altus 1X9.

Both sizes in the XXfat sell for $999—certainly not a cheap bike (especially if you need two)
but not that much more than a couple of iPads, and I know what I’d prefer them to be playing

For more on the S’Cool go to


Babyology Christmas Gift Guide

The Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014 has been released. We are proud to be featured this year with our pedeX 02 and pedeX pirate balance bikes. Have a look here or below.

Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – toys to ride

wishbone Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

Christmas is just the time for big ticket gifts, and throughout history (or at least, since I was a kid) the biggest of big ticket gifts is a new bike. For the benefit of those little people among us who aren’t quite ready for a bike yet, we’ve found all sorts of other things to ride as well, suitable even for babies who’ve just learnt to sit. So come and have a look at Babyology’s pick of the very best toys to ride.

The Wishbone bike (at top) is the brainchild of Wishbone Design Studios in the US, and is a 3-in-1 learn to ride bike suitable for kids from age one to five. Start it off as a tricycle, and then convert to a two wheeled balance bike (in two different heights) as your child grows. It comes in plenty of different styles and colours and just look at those tyres! They’ll take anything your toddler can ride them over. Check out all the versions and buy direct from Wishbone. Prices for the 3-in-1 bike start as US$229.

pedex1 Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

Here’s a balance bike for kids who aren’t babies anymore. It’s the Pedex Pirate balance bike and it’s sure to make some little children feel all grown up this Christmas. With all-terrain wheels, a matt black finish and a lightweight frame, it’s just the thing to get kids as young as 18 months up and riding. We especially love the attention to detail – it has tiny little skull and crossbone valve caps on the tyres! You’ll find it at S’cool Bikes for $259.

potterybarn Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

And now something for the much younger set! These gorgeous plush rockers from Pottery Barn Kids are sure to have you oohing and ahhing on Christmas morning. With a sweet bunny, lamb, bear or elephant to choose from, this huggable rocker is low to the ground and easy to ride so littlies are sure to be thrilled with these. Suitable for children from 18 months to three years, they’re $188 from Pottery Barn Kids.

moover Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

Yes, it looks just like a toy truck, but actually it’s much more. It’s the Moover Toys Baby Truck from Danish by Design, and not only can you use it to take teddies and toys for a ride, but it’s a ride on toy for your toddler too! What’s more, Moover’s unique click system means your child can have fun taking the truck apart and reassembling it as well. It’s $119.95 at Danish by Design.

byk11 Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

If you’re after a lightweight yet serious first bicycle, it’s hard to go past this one from ByK . It’s the E-350 and it has everything you need to get kids up and riding on two wheels (and enjoying it!). It has easy braking, and because it’s lightweight, it’s not hard to get pedalling the way it can be on lots of kids’ bikes, so kids won’t be tired out before they’ve made progress. It comes in a great range of fun colours, and includes training wheels as a standard extra. It’s $299 and you can find a stockist near you at ByK.

rufus Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

They might not be up to riding a bike yet, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t get moving and jumping, especially on something as fun as Rufus the Reindeer from Bop Along Buddies. With antlers to hang onto for a secure ride, he’s the perfect Christmas-themed jumping toy! If you prefer something less seasonal, there are plenty of other animals in the Bop Along Buddies range, which are a great reimagining of the old school Space Hopper. They’re pretty strong and will take kids up to 70kg for a ride. Rufus and most of his friends are $39.95, along with some extra large versions for $59.95. You can buy them online at Bop Along Buddies.

wheelybug4 Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

The gorgeous Wheely Bug has long been a Babyology favourite and with so many cute characters to choose from, it’s sure to become a favourite for your child too. Choose from not just the classic Wheely Bug ladybug or bee, but now also from a cow, pig, mouse or tiger. The hard-wearing Wheely Bug goes in any direction, and with its strong handle it’s suitable for toddlers from one year old and, if you opt for the large version, your kid will still be tearing around the house on it when they’re six. You can pick your favourite up at Classic Baby, where Wheely Bugs are priced from $79.95.

hellokittytrunki Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

Do you like your toys to do double duty? If you do, you’ll be thrilled by the new Hello Kitty version of Trunki, the ride on toy which doubles as a suitcase for kids. It’s the first ever pink and glittery Trunki, and it’s sure to excite some little girls out there this Christmas, while also fulfilling a travel need. What more could you ask for? Pick it up at The Stork Nest for $84.95.

pedex2 Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

If you’re looking for a great value first balance bike, we’ve found it in the PedeX 02 from S’Cool Bikes. With bright and colourful good looks, it has a great suspension system which means it’s fabulous for kids who like to ride rough terrain (whether you want them to or not)! The large and comfortable saddle is great for getting kids used to riding, and even includes a handle for those times when you need to give tired riders a helping hand. It’s $229.

fisherprice1 Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

Here’s a ride on toy with all the bells and whistles, literally! It’s the 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant from Fisher Price. With lights, music and sound effects, this one is sure to keep your little one’s attention. Your younger toddler can bounce up and down on the elephant, as well as later using it as a walker and a ride on. It has a secure handle for grip and only needs two batteries. You can pick it up from Toys R Us for $129.99.

nattou1 Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

This one is definitely a rocking horse with a difference – which is that you won’t have to stand next to it holding your little rider on for hours and hours. This gorgeous horse is one of the range of Nattou animal rockers, which all have a solid timber framed seat and safety strap to keep kids safely onboard. So if your child can sit upright, they can ride safely as well. Plus, aren’t they soft and cuddly? You’ll find Nattou rockers at Baby Bunting for $149, or check outNattou stockists to find a store closer to you.

newmakers Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

The Zebra Rocker from Newmakers might just rock your child (and you!) into a sleepy trance – it’s certainly a stand out in the ride on toys market. At £99, this ultra modern graphic rocker is a British design award winner which comes to you flat packed. It’s pretty out there, but it’s really striking and we love it. This one is suitable for children from 12 months.

kick3 seat Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014   toys to ride

Last, but definitely not least – where would we be in a ride on toy list without a scooter? We can’t go past the Mini Micro – at $129.95  it’s a great first scooter for little ones because of its lean and steer action which means even preschoolers will be scooting with ease in no time. What’s more, you can buy the great Kick3 Mini Micro seat for $49.95, which simply slots into the scooter base and makes the scooter a smooth ride for kids from one year old! Pick them both up from Micro Scooters.



Babyology article about S’COOLbikes

We are excited about the first write-up about our balance bikes. Babyology posted a great article. Have a look here or below!

Balancing fun and engineering with PedeX balance bikes by S’coolbikes

scoolbikes Balancing fun and engineering with PedeX balance bikes by Scoolbikes

Leaning to ride a bike is one of childhood’s great milestones, and we have found a very cool new bike to do it on.

As I watch my almost six-year-old tootle around awkwardly on cumbersome training wheels, I can’t help but think she would have benefited immensely from starting out on a balance bike. While balance bikes have been on the Australian market for a few years now, many of them are a bit on the heavy side, with wooden construction that means they need to be stored inside.S’coolbikes have addressed these issues with their balance bike range.

pedex pirate high res Balancing fun and engineering with PedeX balance bikes by Scoolbikes

S’coolbikes currently have three balance bikes available in Australia.  Perhaps the coolest of the three is the PedeX pirate. A matt black twelve inch bike emblazoned with a silver skull and crossbones at the front, a skull and crossbones seat and a skull and crossbones valve cap. Not only does the  pirate look like the kind of mean riding machine your kids will love, it also has the engineering behind it to ensure that it is a smooth and comfortable ride, even for kids as young as 18 months.

pedex 02 highres Balancing fun and engineering with PedeX balance bikes by Scoolbikes

Designed in Germany, S’coolbikes also have models suitable to those kids less enamoured with the pirate theme. The PedeX 2 come in a very funky, unisex bright orange colour, and is especially designed for kids who like to take their bikes ‘off road’, ideal if your local park doesn’t have footpaths. The PedeX 2 also has a handle on the saddle to help with pushing your little learner along.

The PedeX pirate retails for $259 and the PedeX 2 for $229 from  S’coolbikes. Delivery Australia wide is a very reasonable $14 for the first bike and $4 for additional bikes.